Pegamento testing

Pegamento automated testing toolset and methodology is a Verhás & Verhás product. It contains all the tools that are needed to test complex information technology systems in an automated manner. The tests can be planned, developed, executed and the execution results documented in an integrated and coherent enviroment. You do not need separate test plan, test execution definition, test result documentation because all these documents are the same in the form of an interactive web page that not only describes the tests but is capable to execute them and show the result of the test runs.

Creating a test plan in Pegamento is as easy as editing a wiki page in Confluence. The technical details of the test are crafted in soapUI, which is a well-known and powerful test productivity tool. Running the test is simply a press on a button on the web page.

Pegamento integrates the software components Confluence, GreenPepper and soapUI to get the best from each of them. Using this setup you can test all interfaces that are reachable, triggerable by soapUI. This is not a few since soapUI can hadle web services over SOAP (of course) or REST, JMS, text file, database connections, JDBC, and virtually anything that can be programmed from Java and/or from Groovy.

Pegamento plugins deliver connections to interfaces that are not readily available in soapUI. There are several plugins you can use:

  • Pegamento TR allows you to test infrastructure changes run regression tests and avoid writing assertion code. Pegamento TR stores the test executions in RDBMS and compares the different execution results to ensure the tests are OK.
  • Pegamento plugin for Selenium lets you test web interfaces with the ease of clicks and macros that record your tests.
  • Pegamento plugin for SWT lets you test client applications that utilize the SWT Java windowing toolkit.
  • Pegamento plugin for BIC ISO lets you test application that communicate the base24 protocol. This plugin uses the opensource jPOS software component.
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September 9, 2011.

We have released Pegamento TR, soapUI module that allows you to test soap services without writing assertion code. Store all your test executions into an RDBMS and compare the executions discovering any significant deviations from the expected results.